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Birth Mother’s Day

Today is Birth Mother's Day. It is always the Saturday before Mother's Day. It's a quiet, peace-filled celebration for me. There are a few people close to me who recognize it with me and I like it that way. It's a day that I could grab the spotlight, but I'd rather take the time to ponder and reflect on the choice I made and the more-than-I-even-dreamed relationship I have with this family.

When Grace was a little girl I would sometimes worry that for whatever reason we might drift apart-and it terrified me! I am beyond grateful that never happened! In fact, because of the respect, compassion and love that we (both families) have all shared it is a treasure beyond measure!

My number one priority has always been to love this girl with every ounce of my being, knowing and respecting that I was no longer a parent who would be raising her. I gifted her to a beautiful and deserving couple who would give her what I couldn't at that point in my life.

As a single person with no children of my own at the time I don't think I truly knew the depth of the gift I was sharing. As a mother now, I know with every ounce of my being how much a child fills your heart!

As I see the relationship Grace has with her mom I am filled with delight for both of them! When Grace talks about the fun and teasing that her and her dad share my heart giggles! Grace adores her big brother and wants only the best for him! There is joyful pride in the gift I was able to give them! I have believed from the day I chose them to be her family that she would complete their family. And from what I can see she has done a pretty amazing job!

All of this did not come by chance though. It didn't just happen-we all know what matters and that is putting Grace first. Grace's parents shared me with her from the beginning. They trusted me and knew my love for her. I'm sure they had their own fears. How blessed was I that they were open and trusting enough to allow me to love her with all my soul and all my heart.

So today I celebrate being a birth mother! I celebrate the family I gifted my girl to and that I humbly get to be a part of! God is good-ALL THE TIME!

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