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Bubble Summer!

This summer I have decided to take a break from social media and excessive screen time! My plan is to spend time with people who fill my life with joy! I will also work on my solo book "Divine Option" and my new school year! I'm so excited for this time!

What are your priorities this summer?

In August, we'll be heading to BC to spend some time with my brother and his family! We haven't been to Prince George since before Covid!

I have some online curriculum sessions that will get me ready for my new school year. I'm starting at a new school that is 5 minutes from home! Grade 4 is my favourite and I am the first teacher in my new classroom! Super excited to make it a brilliant space for my new kiddos!

Purging and cleaning are on the list too-I am on a mission to minimize!

I've also been working with a fabulous therapist (Amy Corkett) and she has introduced me to Internal Family Systems (No Bad Parts by Dr. Scwartz). There are some wonderful light bulbs of self-awareness being switched on.

Daily walks with my Cameo and bike rides with my boys are happening as well!

Practicing journaling and hand

lettering along with some watercolour pencils will bring out my creativity!

Reading books, sitting on my deck, enjoying the sun during the day and the firetable in the evenings!

All of these activities are things that fill my soul! They bring me joy!

I hope to add blog entries weekly! You know how to reach me! Email, phone, and this website all work!

Blessings for an amazing BUBBLE SUMMER 🫧☀️!!

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