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Getting on the Writing Train

This is quite the mission I have set for myself! I am so excited to work on this solo project and share how I am making my way through this open adoption journey. The first thing I have noticed is how challenging it is to get started and stay focused. As I am writing, I am learning about so many different parts of the writing and publishing journey and those rabbit holes show up all over the place. My "Teacher-ADHD" (self-diagnosed) is shining and I am just taking it all in. It means that my timeline is very malleable. I would LOVE to have the writing done by the end of the summer but I also want to make sure that I am learning what I need to learn and writing what I need to write.

I have discovered Hope Writers and Compel Training, as well as Rhonda Douglas from Resilient Writers and Shelby Leigh a TikTok poet. They are all inspiring rabbit holes for me!

I am also drawing on the amazing experience I continue to have with the Self Love Elevated book co-authors. Learning slowly but surely about the book writing and publishing world allows me to put what I'm learning into solo practice.

I have decided that I will be self-publishing this solo book and then I will just pray that a publisher discovers it and offers to take on my book. I have many ideas floating around in my mind about other books, but I know this one has to be put into the world first. So I continue to plan and outline, write stories, revise and edit. There is not ONE way to write a book so I am just living through (and loving) the process knowing that my end goal is to get this book out into the world.

Another avenue I found that is building my passion for open adoption is a Facebook group created by Jessica Warman (a fellow birth mother) called Adoption Journey: Finding Freedom Together. Jessica is reminding me that we need to be there to support each other in a loving and compassionate way so that we can all see the JOY in our relationships. I know that I am blessed with a healthy, strong adoption triad (birth family, adoptive family, adoptee) and I also know not everyone has that-who better to support you than another birthmom?!? Thank you Jessica for creating this - I'm excited to share this journey with you and anyone else who needs to see adoption as a joyful and Divine Option!

I know that many of my people who know my adoption story share it with others and I hope and pray that you continue to get this beautiful story out in the world. People need to know that gifting a baby can be a beautiful, joyful, lifelong experience. There are women who are scared and confused and they can bless deserving families with a little one who will be loved beyond measure because a decision is made for them to have the best life possible.

Let's do this friends - get the word out there and let's make some happy families! This truly encourages me to write, write, write and fulfill my purpose and passion!

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