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What does self-love elevated mean?

The love and worth you feel for yourself set the foundation for the types of relationships you have. What you believe is what will be achievable in your life. It is embracing all of the essences of you that make you unique. When you feel an internal connection of love for who you are in all of your queen-like beauty inside and out, that is when life changes.
Your self-love and worth will help you to hold yourself accountable in your life, business, and career.
Too often in society, we hear each other say:
I am not good enough to dream bigger.
I am not worthy of the life I truly desire.
If I do this, what will others think?
These statements are borne out of fear, our lack of self-worth, and what we hear in mainstream media. It is time to turn off the noise and connect with you. It is time to break this generational belief that we are not worthy and will succumb to less. This is not true.

Read how 19 women learned to love themselves, and how they set themselves free so they could dream bigger and be better human beings for themselves and others. Learn how they created better revenue streams after hitting rock bottom so they could rebuild their lives and help serve others.

You are not alone here. The best love story you will have is the one with yourself.

Foreword by Christina Smith

Contributing Authors
Amber Louise, Jacqueline Lagrandeur, Melinda Pokolinski, Andrea Petrut, Jennifer Traynor, Reena Yost, Brittnie Hamilton, Jostine Bulan, Sarah Ommen, Catherine Huddleston, Kamilla Harra, Shannan Stella Roberts, Charlene Madden, Kara O’Daniel, Yassminne Atallah, Helena Smolok and Krista Enslow

Self Love Elevated book

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